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The next mourning, before Jareck has to be at the movie theater, me, him, and Hoover made our way to Central Park, where Bernadette Perez(who ever she is) would meet us. As we sat on the bench she told us to be, I panicked. Why did someone from a lifestyle magazine wanted to meet with us? How did she get my number? Was she even who she said she was? I was freaking out.

JARECK= "You're okay?"  I turned my head to look at Jareck.  I wanted him to look somewhat put together, so he was wearing a(tight) black shirt, denim jacket, and camo pants(one of the few pairs of pants that aren't skin-tight). I thought he looked good, but, I may be a bit bias. I, on the other hand, was wearing my cap, a black hoodie, and black leggings with an eyeball pattern.

MAE= "Am I ever okay?"  I must of been reaching for my scalp, because he wrapped his massive right arm around me(the left hand was holding onto the dog's leash), and pulled me into his body. I could feel his stomach pushing up against my side.
JARECK= "You've got dis."  He then kissed me on the back of my head, and I felt my face heat up.  I then heard a low, rumbling sound.
MAE= "Jesus Christ, how are you still hung..."
???= "Ms. Wilder?"

Looking up, I saw a short, curvy woman, with dark, mahogany skin, a mass of curly, black hair, and wearing a white pant suit, with a brown, leather tote under her arm.
MAE= "Bernadette Perez?"
BERNADETTE= "Yes."  Getting Jareck's arm off me, the two of us stood up.  After shaking hands, we all sat down again, this time, Bernadette seated with up.
BERNADETTE= "Wow, you guys are tall.  Cute dog!"
JARECK= "His name's Hoover."

BERNADETTE= "Now, I bet you are wondering why I wanted to talk to the both of you."
MAE= "Very much so."
BERNADETTE= "Well, as you might of known, there was a video taken of your proposal that's been all over the internet."
MAE= "Holy shit, it got that big?"
BERNADETTE= "Hell, I'm surprised you didn't get snagged up by one of the mourning shows.  Now, with this video warming the hearts of millions, I got the idea to cover the story of your upcoming nuptials. So I talked to my editors, made some calls to Parsons, found your number, and here we are, giving you quite the offer."

MAE= "Wait...You...You want...You want to write about my wedding for a magazine story?"
BERNADETTE= "Ms. Wilder, I understand your concerns, and my editors have offered to pay for the majority of the wedding costs. Dress, cake, venue, anything you need help with, we will get you the money."
MAE= "Holy fuck.  That's...That's quite the offer."

JARECK= "I have some concerns.  Mae, vile a great beauty, has been pecked on for her looks und style, und hast suffered from low shelf est-es...she has issues."
BERNADETTE= "Um, what did..."
MAE= "He worries about me, 'cause people are mean and say nasty things about my looks."
JARECK= "I dun't vant you to get hurt."
BERNADETTE= "Understandable.  That is why we'll only photograph want you want us to.  You two have full control of what is seen. Look, why don't I leave you my number, and the two of you talk it over."
MAE= "Yeah.  I guess I have a lot to think about."
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I'll be starting TWO new stories starting Monday, and, until then, here are a list of couple names of my OCs.  Why?  Fuck it, that's why.

  • Metey(Petey + Minnie)(I like it, cause it sounds like 'meaty', and Minnie's a vegan)
  • Shawnise(Shawn + Denise)
  • Stagel(Stan + that bagel he fucked)
  • Pelly(Petey + Molly)
  • Mareck(Mae + Jareck)
  • Oldy(Prince Oliver + Hedy)
  • Joby(Toby + Johnny)(or 'Jenvy' if you want)
  • Hecgie(Angie + Hector)
  • Tronya(Tanya + Troy)
  • Kenya(Tanya + Kenny)
  • Hanlene(Hansel + Marlene)
  • Eloney(Elke + money)
  • Joginia(Virginia + Joe)
  • Stussell(Stephanie + Russell)
  • Cinslie(Cindy + Leslie)(though, 'Evil' works as well)
  • Wailey(Bailey + Will)
  • Ivictoria(Ivan + Victoria)(iVictoria can also work)
  • Tilery(Teddy + Hilary)


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